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The Resident Assistant Director (RAD) position is arguably the most responsible student job on our campus. The RAD directly supervises and holds accountable a Resident Assistant (RA) staff in upholding the academic and developmental mission of the University. The RAD lives in an assigned building/area of approximately 6-10 Resident Assistants and 200-450 residential students. The RAD reports to professional Residence Life staff.


VI. Responsibilities
a. Supervision
i. Selection: RADs will assist in the selection of Resident Assistant teams for the tem of hire
ii. RA One-on-Ones: RADs will minimally hold a one-on-one meeting with each individual RA on their team once per pay period (twice per month). Additional meetings may be necessary based on performance or emergency issues. One-on-ones will be documented and shared with supervisors.
iii. Availability and Approachability: must be available and accessible to all Resident Assistants and residents of your assigned area
iv. Confidentiality: respect and maintain appropriate staff and student confidentiality at all times. This includes sharing information only with appropriate authorities (including Office of Residence Life professional staff). You are expected to help stop (not propagate) rumors and misinformation.
v. Role Model: assist in the development of a responsible living environment on your floor/hall/apartment by serving as a positive role model and effectively confronting inappropriate and negative behavior. Demonstrate behavior that is accepting and inclusive of all staff & residents.
vi. RAD Meetings: RADS will attend weekly RAD staff meetings
vii. Area Staff Meetings: RADs will hold weekly staff meetings for their area team. RADs are responsible for providing a printed agenda for student staff and holding all staff accountable for attending meetings.
viii. Duty: RADs will hold weekly campus on-call responsibilities to be available/accessible to Resident Assistants. RADs will complete campus rounds on three nights of their week of on-call. Professional staff are still to be involved for any drug violations, campus transports, emergencies or issues where the RAD and RA(s) are unsure of how to respond.
1. Documentation: document any interactions which are not “routine.” Incident reports are due within 24 hours of the incident.
2. Limitations of Authority: RAD’s must understand the limitations of his/her authority and seek assistance from their supervisor(s) and or Campus Safety when necessary.
3. Documentation: Perform other duties related to policy enforcement, confrontation, etc. as assigned.
ix. Office Hours: RADs will schedule, post and complete ten office hours a week in the Residence Life office on a minimum of four different days
x. Evaluations: RADs will complete end-of-the-semester evaluations in fall and spring semesters. RADs will review evaluations with their supervisors and hold evaluation meetings to share feedback with the Resident Assistant staff.
b. Facilities/Management
i. Bi-Weekly Maintenance/Cleaning Checklist: the RAD is responsible for thoroughly documenting maintenance and cleaning concerns on the provided facility checklist and submit the completed checklist by the provided deadline to the Residence Life office (twice a month)
ii. Manage Opening of Area: the RAD is responsible for ensuring all RA’s resident-signature-sheets are submitted to the Residence Life office in a timely manner at the beginning of each semester. RADs will also assist with opening the building each semester including check-in and trouble-shooting any concerns raised by Resident Assistants or residents during opening.
iii. Manage Closing of Area: RADs will do individual walk-throughs with Resident Assistants at the end of each semester and document/correct issues in rooms. RADs may release RAs after all maintenance requests and incident reports have been submitted following the walk-through. RADs will complete a separate walk-through of highlighted “trouble” rooms with professional staff
iv. Maintenance Concerns: RADs will train and assist RAs and students on/with submitting maintenance requests. RADs will track & follow up on on-going maintenance issues in their area and report such to professional staff
v. Personal Responsibility: consistently encourage personal responsibility upon the part of all area members. Help them take responsibility for their own actions
vi. Keys: you are fully responsible for any/all keys, equipment and supplies assigned to you. Losing keys will result in probation or termination. You will also pay restitution for keys, equipment and supplies lost or not returned at the end of the academic year or term of employment.
vii. Health and Safety Inspections/Fire Drills: RADs are responsible for assisting student staff with effective completion of health and safety inspections and fire drills & submitting appropriate paperwork to the Residence Life office by the provided deadline(s)
c. Community Development/Programming
i. Area Community Development: The RAD is responsible for promoting a sense of belonging by establishing the foundations for a community, to respect the rights of all members, and to help residents feel at home. RADs will facilitate interaction among the residents so that residents know one another. RADs will address trash & common area damages pro-actively and as they occur.
ii. Mediation: RADs will assist RA staff when they need additional support in resident conflicts; participate in mediation and encourage conflict resolution. RADs will know campus and community resources that are available to students and be able to effectively refer students to these resources.
iii. Door Decorations/Bulletin Boards: ensure that bulletin boards and door decorations are creative, informative and professional in appearance. Each
month submit pictures of area boards & door decorations the professional staff supervisor as well as to the Residence Life Graduate Assistant for Programming.
iv. Flyers: supervise RA’s in posting and maintaining flyers, posters, information and other distributed materials keeping all posted materials up to date on a daily basis.
v. Referral Agent
1. Campus Resources: know campus and community resources so you may properly assist residents with issues and concerns. Act as a referral agent for students and staff and assist them in finding appropriate campus and community resources.
2. Referrals: assist students and staff with personal, social, and academic issues and concerns by serving as a resource person; refer them to the appropriate persons/offices whenever needed. Always consult your Residence Life professional staff if you have questions in regards to student referrals.
vi. Programming:
1. Programming Paperwork: RADs will approve & complete all program paperwork for RA staff; due to their direct supervisor within 48 hours of each pay period’s end. Refer to professional staff for any “questionable” programs or advertisements including potentially offensive or controversial materials.
2. Programming Supervisor: RAD will attend 1+ individual programs per semester of each RA on staff and complete a Program Feedback form that will be given to the RA and the professional staff of the area
d. Training and Development
i. RAD/RA Training: RADs are required to attend and participate in all staff training sessions prior to the start of each semester. Members of sports teams are not automatically excused from any part of RAD/RA Training and/or Fall opening coverage and responsibilities. Understand that after academics, your RAD job is first priority. You must obtain permission from a member of the Residence Life Professional Staff prior to missing opening/training.
ii. RA Training: RADs will be responsible for leading teambuilding and/or informational sessions during August and January training and/or in-services. RADs will hold sole responsibility for in-area time during Area Training.
iii. In-Services: RAD’s must attend all in-service training sessions (one Friday a month from 3:30-5:30pm).
iv. Rapport: Establish and maintain positive and appropriate relationships with your supervisor, professional staff, RAs and fellow RADs. Develop positive relations with Student Activities Staff, Maintenance and Custodial Staff, Plant Operations, Campus Security and all other staff who work in conjunction with the Office of Residence Life.
v. RAD/RA Manual: Be responsible for all information provided in the RAD and RA Manuals, Code of Conduct and Guides to Residence Living.
e. University Representative
You are expected to act as a positive and professional University and Departmental representative at all times. You will demonstrate exemplary behavior, both on and off campus. Whatever actions and behaviors you demonstrate and role model on campus, off campus, or even in your hometown or permanent residence, can affect your ability as a staff member if it is deemed inappropriate. In order for our system to work, we must be able to hold you, as a student staff member, to a high standard of expectations;
otherwise, you will not be able to continue performing your job responsibilities as an Office of Residence Life student employee.
i. Communication: Maintain ongoing communication with the Residence Life professional staff, RAs, fellow RADs and other departmental staff members. This includes, but is not limited to, checking your phone and e-mail messages on a daily basis and your RAD mailbox three days a week. RAD’s must return phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner.
ii. Equity/Diversity: you will help serve the needs of all residents. You are expected to recognize differences and be inclusive of all residents. The Office of Residence Life does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disabilities. Staff will act in a manner that is open-minded and shows respect to others’ choices.
iii. Policies: you will actively confront and document all policy violations in a timely manner. You will also reference and enforce all Saint Leo University and Office of Residence Life policies and procedures at all times. You will uphold the policies and procedures of Saint Leo University and laws of the State of Florida.
iv. Alcohol Policy: If a RAD chooses to consume alcohol at a student function it must be done legally & responsibly. Violations of the below guidelines or inappropriate behavior may result in disciplinary action and/or termination. The use of illegal drugs on or off campus will result in termination from employment. Random drug testing may occur at the discretion of the Executive Director of Campus Life. The use of alcohol on or off campus with residents is strongly discouraged since it may put staff in a compromising position.
1. If you are under the legal age of 21 you may not consume alcohol on or off campus. This includes any off campus University function or non-University functions.
2. Staff members who are 21 years of age or older may consume alcohol responsibly in accordance with the Code of Conduct & State/Federal laws. Social guidelines for consumption off-campus include:
a. A legally authorized third party vendor has assumed legal responsibility for checking the age of those attending as well as assumed legal responsibility for serving the alcohol.
b. A sponsored event hosted by Saint Leo University where identification will be checked by a university official.
c. A sponsored event hosted by a fraternity or sorority where a third party has been hired to check the age of those individuals who are consuming alcohol.
3. While serving as a representative or participating in University functions including but not limited to training, duty, in-services and meetings RADs are to remain substance free.
v. Department Information: you will review and be responsible for all information outlined in all department publications.
vi. RAD Mailbox: RAD’s are required to check their RAD mailbox in the Residence Life office minimally three of every five weekdays when University offices are open.
vii. Electronic media: any internet profiles, live journals, blogs, web pages, etc. that do not represent the RAD, residence life community, Office of Residence Life, and/or Saint Leo in an appropriate manner should not be made available
to residents. Office of Residence Life Professional staff will determine what is appropriate. The Professional Staff of Residence Life will not be actively monitoring the internet, however, if a site is brought to their attention an investigation will occur.


IV. Qualifications
At the time of application, the applicant:
a. Must be currently enrolled as a full-time student taking at least 12 undergraduate credit hours
b. Must remain in good full-time academic standing with the University and have a minimum 2.5 semester and minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, including the semester prior to employment. The University may not renew contracts on returning staff members who fall below the 2.5 semester/cumulative GPA requirements.
c. Must be able to provide all the necessary documentations for employment, (International students must have approved working visa)
d. Cannot be on Residence Life or University conduct probation
e. Have been a Resident Assistant (RA) for two 2 semesters (current semester during application process counts as a one semester).


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